It's election time. Ravish kumar is reporting from bihar and me from university of delhi. Just kidding, but facts are very true. so, don't take it lightly. bihar is more than two months away for it's poll and university of delhi is just two weeks. Ravish kumar has started his work on it, but still i have to. IN Bihar, incumbent government chief Nitish kumar is shaking hand with whom, those have muscle and money power. like Anant singh, Anand Mohan. same alphabet, perhaps nitish thinks alphabets are going to change his fate. It's a wellkonown saying or proverb which is as follows power corrupts politician. Here nitish is not corrupt, but allegations are made on him, which is true or not i can't say, not because of my nature, but situation. ok... much things have been discussed about it. Here in university students leaders will ask you which state do you belong, the after they started to tell you many of mine friends are from there. if you have any problem just come to me. first time it's look cool and nice, but these are the things which is going on everyday. sometimes what does happen, withinn two to three hours same candidate comes to you, shakes his hand and ask your name, about your permanent living place, then start to tell his purpose, that why did he come to you. He says, he needs your help as he is the candidate of for president, vp, js and so on...But, you know it makes me fraustrate and my fraustration irritate me a lot. What i think, which could be the suggestion for them, is that they shoud not mortifying the sutdends by their routine and cumbersome behaviour, they should motivate in stead of mortify. I think it's enough for now, later we'll have a lot for discussion as campaign is getting full fledeg coverrage by local newspaper and channels. So, I'm wraping up my this little chit-chat with you, so that i could proceed with my other work.

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